Apple Support Costs: Phone Call Prices & Money-Saving Tips

Ever wondered about the cost of calling Apple Support for help with your devices? Dealing with technical issues can be frustrating and time-consuming.

The cost to call Apple Support depends on your warranty status: for customers with AppleCare+ or devices under warranty, phone support is free. For out-of-warranty support, fees can start at $29 per incident. 

Our comprehensive guide will not only break down Apple’s phone support pricing but also explore cost-effective alternatives and tips to get the most out of their services. 

Stick around to ensure you’re well-equipped to handle any Apple device hiccups.

Contacting apple online support page

Reaching Out to Apple Support

Apple Support is just a phone call away when you need help with your Apple devices. 

To reach Apple Support, simply dial (800) APL–CARE or (800-275-2273) if you’re from the US, or visit the Apple Support website to find the appropriate phone number for your country. 

Remember to have your device’s serial number and Apple ID handy, as this information may be required to access support services.

Apple’s Phone Support Options and Costs

Apple provides various phone support options tailored to your specific needs, and understanding the costs associated with each option can help you figure out how and whether to call them. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Apple’s phone support options and their costs:

  1. AppleCare+. If you’ve purchased AppleCare+ for your device, phone support is available 24/7 at no additional cost. AppleCare+ prices vary depending on the device:
    • iPhone: $99 – $199
    • iPad: $69 – $129
    • Mac: $99 – $299
    • Apple Watch: $49 – $149
    • Apple TV: $29
  2. Devices under warranty. If your device is still under the standard one-year warranty, phone support is available for free. However, this coverage typically only includes support for hardware issues and not software troubleshooting.
  3. Out-of-warranty phone support. For devices that are out of warranty and not covered by AppleCare+, phone support is available, but fees apply. Apple charges a flat-rate fee for out-of-warranty support calls, which varies depending on the product:
    • iPhone: $29 per incident
    • iPad: $29 per incident
    • Mac: $49 per incident
    • Apple Watch: $29 per incident
    • Apple TV: $19 per incident
  4. Software support. Apple provides 90 days of complimentary phone support for software issues from the date of purchase. Beyond this period, software support costs may apply.

It’s crucial to be aware of your device’s warranty status and the available support options to ensure you get the help you need without any surprise costs. 

Remember that fees are subject to change, so always refer to the Apple Support website for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, consider exploring Apple’s online resources and community forums for quick, cost-effective solutions before resorting to phone support.

Out-of-Warranty Support: Additional Costs & Exceptions

While we’ve covered the basic costs of out-of-warranty support calls, it’s important to consider additional services and exceptions that may affect the total cost. Here’s a breakdown of some additional factors and their associated costs:

Service or ExceptionCost Range
Data recovery services$99 to $299
Expedited services$50 to $100 (or more)
International support (call rates)Check with provider
Third-party software & hardware$30 to $100 (or more)
Fee waiversCase-by-case basis

Here are some of those additional costs in more detail:

  1. Data recovery services. If you require assistance with data recovery, Apple may charge an additional fee ranging from $99 to $299 depending on the complexity of the issue. For instance, recovering data from a failed hard drive might be more expensive than retrieving data from a corrupted file.
  2. Expedited services. Apple offers expedited services for an additional fee, which typically ranges from $50 to $100. The exact cost will depend on factors such as the severity of your issue, like fixing a MacBook Pro charging port, and the availability of support agents. It’s best to inquire about the specific cost when reaching out to Apple Support.
  3. International support. If you’re calling Apple Support from a different country, additional costs may apply due to international calling rates. For example, if you’re calling from the UK to the US, you might pay between $0.05 to $0.50 per minute, depending on your phone service provider’s rates. Always check with your provider to avoid unexpected charges.
  4. Third-party software and hardware. Apple Support may charge additional fees for assistance with third-party software and hardware issues, or even for specific problems like a MacBook Pro SMC replacement, as these may not be covered under their standard support services. Fees can range from $30 to $100 or more, depending on the complexity of the issue and the type of third-party product involved.
  5. Fee waivers. In some cases, Apple may waive the support fees if the issue you’re experiencing is widespread or related to a known defect. For example, if your device is affected by a widespread manufacturing defect, Apple might not charge for the support call. However, fee waivers are determined on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

By considering these additional factors, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the potential costs associated with out-of-warranty support calls and can decide whether to proceed with a call to Apple Support.

Are Support Calls Worth the Price?

Determining whether support calls are worth the price depends on the nature of your issue and your technical expertise. 

For complex or urgent issues that require personalized assistance, like Mac water damage repair, phone support might be worth the cost.

However, for simpler problems or those that can wait, exploring free resources like Apple’s website, support community, or in-store help could save you money and still provide the necessary guidance.

Weigh the costs of phone support against the urgency and complexity of your problem before deciding to make the call.

Alternatives to Calling Apple Support

Sometimes, reaching out to Apple Support via phone may not be the most cost-effective or convenient option. Here are some alternative resources to consider when you need assistance with your Apple product, without making a phone call:

  • Apple Support Website. Apple’s support website provides a wealth of information, including user guides, troubleshooting articles, and how-to videos. Many common issues can be resolved by searching for a solution on their site.
  • Apple Support Community. The Apple Support Community is a forum where users can ask questions and get answers from fellow Apple users and experts. This can be an excellent resource for finding solutions to common problems or getting advice on specific issues.
  • Apple Support App. The Apple Support App offers an easy way to access support articles, chat with a support specialist, or schedule a callback, all from your iOS device. It’s an efficient way to get help without the need for a phone call.
  • In-Store Help. Visiting an Apple Store and speaking with a Genius at the Genius Bar can be an effective way to address hardware issues or receive hands-on guidance. Keep in mind that appointments may be required, and availability can vary depending on your location.

By exploring these alternatives, you may find a more cost-effective solution to your issue without resorting to a paid phone support call. Consider your options and evaluate which method best suits your needs and budget.


Are there any free support options available from Apple?

Apple offers several free support options, including their support website, Apple Support Community, Apple Support App, and in-store help at the Genius Bar. These resources can help with many common issues without incurring the cost of a phone support call.

Can I contact Apple Support through chat or email?

Yes, Apple Support can be contacted through chat via the Apple Support App or their website. Email support is not directly provided, but you can schedule a callback from a support specialist through the app or website, which is a convenient alternative to calling.

How long will I wait on hold when calling Apple Support?

Wait times for Apple Support calls can vary depending on factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and product in question. Generally, expect wait times to range from a few minutes to over 30 minutes during peak hours.

Are there any issues that can be resolved without calling support?

Many issues can be resolved without calling support, such as software-related problems, troubleshooting, and how-to questions. Apple’s support website, support community, and in-store help at the Genius Bar can be valuable resources for addressing these concerns without the need for a phone call.

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