HP Pavilion Screen Replacement: Costs, Tips, and Options

Is your HP Pavilion laptop screen damaged and causing you frustration? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

The average HP Pavilion screen replacement cost ranges from $100 to $200, depending on factors such as the specific model and screen type. For example, an HP Pavilion x360 14″ screen may cost around $150, while a 15.6″ full HD screen could be closer to $200.

Don’t let this problem hold you back – read on to discover the intricacies of screen repair, how to find the right service, and tips for avoiding damage in the future. Get ready to bring your laptop back to life!

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Dealing With a Damaged Laptop Screen

A damaged laptop screen can significantly hinder your productivity and make everyday tasks frustrating. 

The first step in dealing with this issue is to assess the extent of the damage. If you notice dead pixels, screen flickering, or lines running across the display, it’s likely that your screen needs replacement. 

Back up your important data before you proceed, as you’ll need to disconnect your laptop during the repair process.

Identifying the Cause of Screen Damage

Understanding the cause of screen damage is essential for preventing similar issues in the future. 

Common causes include physical impact (e.g., dropping the laptop or placing heavy objects on it), extreme temperature changes, moisture exposure, or manufacturing defects. 

Keep in mind that some problems might appear as screen damage but could be related to the graphics card or display cable. It’s crucial to diagnose the issue correctly to ensure you’re addressing the root cause and not just treating a symptom.

The Cost Breakdown: Parts, Labor, and More

To better understand the HP Pavilion screen replacement cost, let’s break it down into parts, labor, and other potential expenses. This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect when repairing your laptop screen.

  1. Parts. The cost of the screen itself varies depending on the HP Pavilion model, screen size, resolution, and type (e.g., touch or non-touch). Here’s a rough estimate of screen prices for some popular HP Pavilion models:
HP Pavilion ModelScreen SizeScreen TypeEstimated Cost
HP Pavilion x360 1414″Touch$130 – $150
HP Pavilion 1515.6″Non-Touch, Full HD$100 – $120
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 1616.1″Non-Touch, Full HD$150 – $170
  1. Labor. Whether you opt for an official HP service center or a third-party repair shop, labor costs will be a part of the overall expense. These costs may vary depending on location, expertise, and time required for the repair. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 for labor.
  2. Additional Costs. In some cases, you may need to replace other components like the display cable or the bezel, which could add to the overall cost. These additional parts typically range from $10 to $40.

Taking these factors into account, the total cost for an HP Pavilion screen replacement can range from $100 to $200 or more, a bit above laptop power jack repair costs.

The final cost estimates for an HP screen replacement look like this:

HP Pavilion ModelScreen CostLabor CostAdditional CostsTotal Cost Range
HP Pavilion x360 14$130 – $150$50 – $100$10 – $40$190 – $290
HP Pavilion 15$100 – $120$50 – $100$10 – $40$160 – $260
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 16$150 – $170$50 – $100$10 – $40$210 – $310

By evaluating the different cost factors, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the screen replacement process and find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

If you’re experiencing issues with your headphone jack, check out our breakdown of the cost of repairing a laptop headphone jack.

Official HP Repair vs. Third-Party Services: Pros and Cons

When it comes to screen replacement, you have two main options: official HP repair services or third-party repair shops. Each has its pros and cons, which we’ll outline below, keeping the focus on costs.

Official HP Repair


  • Guaranteed compatibility with genuine HP parts
  • Trained technicians familiar with HP Pavilion models
  • Preserves your warranty (if still valid)


  • Potentially higher labor costs compared to third-party services
  • May have longer turnaround times due to demand or shipping parts
  • Limited availability in some regions

Third-Party Services


  • Generally lower labor costs
  • Faster turnaround times, as they may have parts in stock
  • More accessible in some areas


  • Risk of non-genuine or lower quality parts
  • Technicians may not have specialized HP Pavilion expertise
  • May void your laptop’s warranty

In the end, weigh the pros and cons based on your priorities, budget, and warranty status to decide which option best suits your needs, whether it’s an HP screen replacement or an Acer keyboard replacement.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ec1024AX laptop

Tips for Preventing Screen Damage in the Future

Now that you’ve learned about screen replacement costs, let’s focus on some tips to prevent screen damage in the future, ultimately saving you money and hassle.

  1. Use a laptop sleeve or case. Invest in a protective sleeve or hard-shell case to cushion your laptop during transportation and minimize the risk of impact-related damage.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures. Sudden temperature changes can damage the screen. Avoid leaving your laptop in hot or cold environments, such as in a car during extreme weather.
  3. Keep liquids away. Water and electronics don’t mix. Keep drinks and other liquids at a safe distance from your laptop to avoid accidental spills.
  4. Handle with care. Always open and close your laptop gently, grasping it by the sides and avoiding pressure on the screen.
  5. Regularly clean your screen. Dust and dirt can cause scratches over time. Use a microfiber cloth and a screen cleaner specifically designed for electronics to gently clean your screen.

By following these tips, you can reduce the likelihood of screen damage, saving yourself from the costs and inconvenience of future repairs, like those for Apple storage drive replacements.


Can I replace my HP Pavilion screen with a high-res display?

You may be able to upgrade your HP Pavilion screen to a high-res display, but compatibility depends on your specific model and its hardware. Consult your laptop’s documentation or an expert technician to ensure a successful upgrade.

How long does it take to replace a laptop screen?

The time required for screen replacement varies but typically takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the technician’s experience and the complexity of the repair.

Can I perform the screen repair myself, or hire a professional?

While it’s possible to perform screen repairs yourself with the right tools and knowledge, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional technician, as they have the expertise to handle the delicate components and ensure a proper installation.

Here’s a video on how to do it yourself:

Will a screen replacement affect my laptop’s warranty?

Screen replacement can potentially void your laptop’s warranty, especially if performed by a third-party service or if you attempt it yourself. Always check your warranty terms and consult with the manufacturer before proceeding with screen replacement.

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