Apple Support Costs: Phone Call Prices & Money-Saving Tips

Contacting apple online support page

Ever wondered about the cost of calling Apple Support for help with your devices? Dealing with technical issues can be frustrating and time-consuming. The cost to call Apple Support depends on your warranty status: for customers with AppleCare+ or devices under warranty, phone support is free. For out-of-warranty support, fees can start at $29 per … Read more

Navigating Apple Genius Bar Costs: A Complete Guide

Apple Genius Bar at Boylston Street - Boston, MA, USA

Experiencing issues with your Apple device and wondering about the costs at the Genius Bar? You’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at how much Apple Genius Bar really costs. Visiting the Apple Genius Bar for basic consultations and diagnostics is usually free, while the costs for repairs and replacements depend on the … Read more