The Cost of a Silver Ring: An Overview

two silver rings on top of each other

Ever wondered how much a silver ring might cost? You’re in the right place to find out! The average cost of a real silver ring typically ranges from $30 to $200, depending on various factors such as purity, design, and craftsmanship. For instance, a simple silver band may cost around $30, while an intricate design … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Cast a Ring? (with examples)

engagement silver ring from ruby

The cost of casting a ring depends on several factors such as the material used, the design, the size, and the jeweler you choose.  On average, the cost can range from $50 to $500 or more, with gold and silver being the most common materials. For example, a simple sterling silver ring may cost around … Read more

How Much Does a 925 Silver Chain Cost? (A breakdown)

sterling silver chain necklace 925

The cost of a 925 silver chain can vary based on its design, weight, and the retailer selling it.  On average, a 925 silver chain can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 or more. For example, a simple 925 silver chain could cost around $50, while a more intricate and heavier design could cost upwards … Read more