What Can $100 Buy in the US? (20 examples)

It’s difficult to say exactly what $100 can buy in the US, as the value of money can vary depending on many factors, such as the location and the cost of living. 

However, here are 20 specific items you could buy for approximately $100 in an average city in the US in 2023, along with their estimated prices:

  • Five movie tickets ($20 each) – $100
  • Two week’s worth of groceries for one person ($50) – $100
  • Two pairs of running shoes ($50 each) – $100
  • 1-2 AAA video games ($40-60) – $80-100
  • Two months worth of gym membership ($50×2) – $100
  • Five few tanks of gasoline ($20 each) – $100
  • A couple of items of clothing ($30×3) – $90
  • Five meals at a mid-range restaurant ($20 each) – $100
  • Six books ($15 each) – $90
  • A month’s worth of internet and cable ($100) – $100
  • Five tanks of propane for a grill ($20 each x 5) – $100
  • Five pieces of houseplants ($20×5) – $100
  • A basic vacuum cleaner ($100) – $100
  • Two pairs of headphones ($50×2) – $100
  • Two months worth of public transportation ($50×2) – $100
  • 6 months of streaming service subscription ($15×6) – $90
  • Six cases of bottled water ($15 each) – $90
  • Six items of makeup ($15 each) – $90
  • Four months worth of cleaning supplies ($25×4) – $100
  • A compact camera ($100) – $100
$100 US dollar bill up close

Here are the same items presented in a table:

ItemCost per ItemQuantityTotal Cost
Five movie tickets$205$100
Two week’s worth of groceries for one person$502$100
Two pairs of running shoes$502$100
1-2 AAA video games$40-601-2$80-100
Two months worth of gym membership$502$100
Five tanks of gasoline$205$100
A couple of items of clothing$303$90
Five meals at a mid-range restaurant$205$100
Six books$156$90
A month’s worth of internet and cable$1001$100
Five tanks of propane for a grill$205$100
Five pieces of houseplants$205$100
A basic vacuum cleaner$1001$100
Two pairs of headphones$502$100
Two months worth of public transportation$502$100
Six months of streaming service subscription$156$90
Six cases of bottled water$156$90
Six items of makeup$156$90
Four months worth of cleaning supplies$254$100
A compact camera$1001$100

Remember that prices can vary based on location and the specific item, so the actual cost may be higher or lower than the estimated amounts.

Factors determining the cost

Here are some of the factors determining what you can buy for $100 in the US and how they affect the price:

  • Inflation. The average inflation rate in the US is approximately 2% per year (6-7% in the last two years), which affects the purchasing power of $100.
  • Location. The cost of living in different regions of the US varies greatly, meaning what $100 can buy in one city may not be the same in another.
  • Market conditions. The current state of the economy and supply and demand for certain goods and services can impact the cost and availability of what $100 can buy.
  • Personal preferences and needs. An individual’s unique needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences will also influence their purchase price of $100.
  • Sales and discounts. Taking advantage of sales, discounts, and coupons can increase the number of goods or services purchased for $100.
  • Product quality. The quality of the products available at a particular price point can also affect what $100 can buy, with lower quality products typically costing less and higher quality products costing more.
Obverse of the series 2009 $100 Federal Reserve Note


Is $100 a big amount of money in the United States?

In general, $100 is considered a medium amount of money in the United States and can buy several small items or a few mid-range items. It depends on the individual’s spending habits and the cost of living in their area.

What is the quickest way to make $100?

There is no one quickest way to make $100, as it depends on a person’s skills, resources, and time. Some options may include working overtime, selling items, doing odd jobs, or participating in online surveys or focus groups.

Do grocery stores accept 100 dollar bills?

Yes, most grocery stores in the United States accept $100 bills. However, it depends on the store’s policy and the denomination of the bill, as some stores may not accept larger bills for security or operational reasons.

How many $100 bills are in a million?

There are 10,000 $100 bills in a million dollars. A million dollars in $100 bills would weigh approximately 22.04 pounds (10 kilograms).

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